Young Professionals (YPs) of SAJIDA Foundation Take on New Assignments

July came as a month of change and transition for some of the Young Professionals from the Young Professional Program. Hasib Ahmed and S. M. Mohammad Ullah spent the first week on wrap up (July 1-5) and conclusion of their attachment at their respective hospitals (Keraniganj and Narayanganj). They spent the rest of July visiting MF branches and readying action plan for cashless disbursement for Microfinance.

Shahidul Islam Shakil and Shadab Shams Sowad (placed in the first rotation as “Community Organizer”), also marked the transition period from “Community Wellness Program” to “Elderly Home Care” program. They have been assigned with two new assignments “Competitive Analysis of Elderly Home Care Sector of Bangladesh” and “Need Analysis of Assistive Care in Bangladesh”.

Farjana Jaman and Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddique were assigned a two-month research work at the Amrao Manush Program. Their work involves finding target clients and conducting their need analysis. Initially, they were playing the role of PDC Managers from March 2018, but due to their transition into research, the original managers have been reinstated back to their respective PDCs.

Farjana Yesmin has been moved to WASH4 Urban Poor Project and is working on how the system works and communicate with coworkers and interns. Moumita Mou has left the Young Professional Program as she received a full scholarship to pursue her higher studies in the United States.

Tasnim Islam Tushin and Zarin Tashfi Subah are continuing their roles as acting Branch Managers in their respective branches of Abdullahbag and Basabo.

This month also saw the YPs actively participating in a training program arranged by SAJIDA Foundation at BRAC Center INN from 8 to 12 July on “Psychosocial Wellbeing and Skills for Service Providers”. The trainers were experts in the field of Psychology, Nusrat Jahan and Tanvir Ahmed.

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