Update on SAJIDA’s Young Professional Program (YPP)

This April the Young Professionals completed two months since their appointment with the program on March 1st. The 10 Young Professionals are currently engaged in their first rotation performing in their allocated roles and responsibilities in their assigned programs as follows:

  • Tasnim Islam Tushin and Zarfin Tashfi Subah are engaged in the Microfinance Program
  • Farjana Jaman, Farjana Yesmin, Moumita Saha and Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee are working at the Amrao Manush Program
  • Shahidul Islam Shakil and Shadab Shams Sowad are involved in the Community Wellness Program (Proshanti)
  • Hasib Ahmed and S. M. Mohammad Ullah are working at SAJIDA Hospitals in Narayanganj and Keraniganj

From May 3, 2018, the Young Professionals in Microfinance, CWP and Amrao Manush Program will assume Managerial roles, while those at the Hospitals will gather knowledge about pharmacy and hospital procurement and inventory, quality control processes and competitive analysis.

The YPs were also assigned “mentors” this month, to guide them and create an enabling environment for them to learn and perform their jobs to their highest potential.

The Young Professionals also had the opportunity to learn and engage in stimulating knowledge sharing, titled “Stepping Into Leadership” by trainer Mr Mahbub Alam from Canada, where they had the chance to work closely with SAJIDA’s other young leaders from different programs on the 9th and 15th of April at Lakeshore Hotel.

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