Working With Women: Phase II Observes World Mental Health Day

The project “Working With Women: Phase II” organized day observations in RMG factories for World Mental Health day on 10 and 11 October, 2018. The participating factories were NR Fashion in Narayanganj and Comfit Composite Knit Ltd in Mirzapur, Tangail where a total of 93 participants partook the event. The day observation was done to raise awareness on mental health, gender based violence and legal issues.

The participants were engaged in an interactive session about mental health issues and how to cope with any stressors, and was followed by an activity where the participants were given cutouts that they had to assemble to form a picture. They discussed about what their perception of the final images were, and it resulted in interesting dialogues about how women and men perceive gender related issues and made the participants more aware of different emotions. A quiz was conducted where the participants were rewarded with chocolates, and the program ended with a gift giving ceremony by SNV Bangladesh. Stickers and festoons with messages about mental health were given to the participants that they can use to disseminate the knowledge the learned in this session.

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