SAJIDA Announces winners of Challenge Fund 2019-20

“Creative ideas are always encouraged at SAJIDA Foundation.

SAJIDA believes in thinking outside the box, as changing times require minds that are ready to tackle pressing issues with contemporary, innovative and sustainable solutions. In line with our progressive values, we have established a pioneering, evidence-based, innovation pipeline.

On September 1st, 2019, SAJIDA launched its very first SAJIDA Challenge Fund competition – an exciting platform for SF employees to introduce their next big initiative; one that will enhance the life of millions.

After multiple rounds of iteration in streamlining ideas of shortlisted teams, we completed our journey on November 3rd, 2020.

To mark the end of the first chapter of an exciting Challenge Fund 2019-20, SAJIDA Foundation arranged a virtual pitch day session, where five finalists had the exciting opportunity to showcase their ideas.

Congratulations to the top five teams for successfully completing the first cohort of the Challenge Fund competition.

Meet the challenge fund top five teams –

Team Name: EarthLife
Project – Vermi Compost

Team Members:

  1. Kbd Md Jasim Uddin (Lead)
  2. Devkusum Barua
  3. Abdul Motaleb
  4. Abul kashem

Earth Life provides low-cost and high quality vermi compost, which increases the elements percentage of soil texture and improves soil condition, for the rural farmers in Chattogram Division.

Team Name: Nirapod
Project – Health Insurance
Team Members:

  1. Dr.Uzzal Kumar Roy (Lead)
  2. Dr.Rushan Afroze
  3. Md. Mosharof Hossain

A freelancer software developer made digitalized voucher scheme project with collaboration of an insurance company to improve health access to quality health care service to urban extreme poor population of Narayanganj City Corporation through a list of contracted NGO/private hospitals.

Team Name: SuperChef
Project – Catering Service
Team Members:

  1. Kowshik Talukdar (Lead)
  2. Md. Sazid Mahmud
  3. Mr. Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee

SUPERCHEF is about building up sustainable healthy low-cost catering service business model for price sensitive income groups by empowering Amrao Manush beneficiaries.

Team Name: Uttaran
Project – Microfinance Plus
Team Members:

  1. Mukit Akram (Lead)
  2. Imran Maleqe
  3. Md. Moshfer Hossain Abir
  4. Panuel Rozario Prince

Uttaran will work as a continuation project of microfinance service developed to promote data oriented organizational decisions and products, create market linkage among clients, provide technical support and value addition tools to our clients by partnering with other development organizations to green practices, introducing scope of secondary livelihood options and reducing household cost.

Team Name: WILD
Project – Women in Leadership
Team Members:

  1. Jannatul Fatima Orni (Lead)
  2. Lamisa Hassan
  3. Afwaza Rahman Dristy
  4. Nusrat Jahan Alam

Idea of Women In Leadership Development (WILD), is to develop self-awareness, identity, aspiration and life development plan among students of class 8-12 and university enrolled students (Preferably age of 13-28) to become self-empowered, ambitious, independent and future leaders of our country with/by mentorship, guidance and educational resources.

What can we expect from the next challenge fund

From the organizational perspective, Innovation and Quality is one of the guiding principles and values of SAJIDA Foundation in bringing health, happiness and dignity to all. The Challenge Fund window has been devised to materialize SAJIDA values into reality through acting on social development. SFCF will be held once every year. After the completion of SFCF 2019-20 SAJIDA plans to go bigger next year and launch the business idea competition nationwide.


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