Ensuring Access to WASH by Offering Customized Loan and Software Services (WaterCredit)

The project enables underserved communities to have access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities through provision of special loans as part of the “WaterCredit Program” implemented with the support of Water.org. Affordable financing being one of the key barriers to safe water and sanitation, SAJIDA provides small loans for water facilities and improved sanitation systems through this innovative program. This 4-year project commencing in September 2016, is in two phases; the first phase being 3 years and the last being a one year plan. The project has introduced separate loan products for installing new as well as repairing existing deep tube wells, and for building or renovating improved sanitation facilities. The loan amount varies from BDT 5,000 to BDT 125,000 following 7 types of loan products. Borrowers are encouraged to invest towards the cost of installing or repairing facilities with their own money. This project initially started through 43 Microfinance branches to reach the 8,000 beneficiaries in one year. Till date, the project has expanded to cover members across all of SAJIDA’s 228 Microfinances branches.

Project Activities

Through Client Training, beneficiaries were made aware of the WaterCredit program; Health and Hygiene sessions were also carried out supplemented by community awareness sessions. Stakeholder meetings with local government institutions, department of public health engineering and different NGOs were also held, yielding sessions of shared experience that benefit the program.

COVID-19 Response

WaterCredit team successfully reached out to 13,000 people with awareness messages irrespective of program periphery. Program of SAJIDA Foundation further reached 3,150 borrowers through phone calls to get regular updates about their well-being.

Project Highlights

WaterCredit program observed Global Hand Washing Day and Sanitation Month on 24th October 2019 at Daudkandi Upazila of Comilla District. SAJIDA Foundation conducted 34 stakeholder meetings with different Upazila where GoB representatives, Upazila Chairman, Union Chairman, member, and NGO representatives were present. The WaterCredit program and its facilities were discussed by SAJIDA’s representative.