Until the end of December 2019, 450 low-income families in Dholpur, Jatrabari region received Health Cards for WASH4UrbanPoor project under SAJIDA’s WASH Program. Initiated in July 2019, the Health Card facility is aimed to provide low income communities access to proper healthcare facilities at affordable costs.

WASH, in partnership with Monowara Orthopaedic General Hospital, has inaugurated two types of Health Card for two different groups of patients. A blue card, to be used by all patients; and a pink card directed solely towards pregnant women. Till date, the project has provided healthcare to 10 pregnant women and targets to provide 5000 health cards during the project period.

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WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), in partnership with donors and the Government of Bangladesh, works to provide integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene services. Through several innovative projects in collaboration with partners, SAJIDA Foundation has been working for the urban poor communities where WASH related diseases abound to provide the urban poor communities their basic right to health, happiness and dignity.


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