Update on SAJIDA Foundation’s Young Professional Program

Young Professionals took over new and advanced roles starting the month of May and will be serving in their new capacity till the end of July 2018 when they will start their new rotational placements in another program.

Young Professionals based at the hospital – namely Hasib Ahmed and S. M. Mohammad Ullah – have been assigned research based work, and are focusing on implementing feedback from the hospital research, with particular attention to hospital reception redesign and management. They have also worked in the MF program for a week to prepare a report on cashless disbursement and are currently engaged in Quality Checking (QC).

Young Professionals placed in Microfinance and the Amrao Manush Program took over their much anticipated role of branch and PDC “Manager” respectively this month. YP Zarin Tashfi Subah currently placed in Microfinance program joined the Regional Meeting this month and received the target of borrower, loan disbursement and overdue for this month for Mircrofinance Mobile Banking. She also surveyed members, agents and SAJIDA staff members as part of her assignment and gathered their perceptions regarding Rocket transaction. YP Tasnim Islam Tushin is also engaged in the Microfinance program and started her role as Branch Manager of SAJIDA’s Basabo Branch from May 15th.

After a month of “following” their Pavement Dweller Centre Managers, YPs Farjana Yesmin, Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee, Farjana Jaman and Moumita Saha have finally taken over the role of managers themselves in May. They are now working diligently to carry out their management duties which include weekly adjustment maintenance, budget for daycare and other activities of the project, conducting meeting with ward councilor to ensure various facilities for the pavement dwellers, conducting leadership training with a group of slum dwellers, other training on income generating activities with pavement dwellers, etc. and various other activities.

From the Community Wellness Program, YP Shadab Shams Sowad and Shahidul Islam Shakil have also started their managerial roles as Community Organizers. They are maintaining reports by 10 SAJIDA Bondhu (SB) that they are directly supervising, and are guiding the SBs in providing different health services to members who are loanees. They are also inspecting and troubleshooting the provided services by the SBs.