An update on SAJIDA’s Young Professionals Program

SAJIDA’s Young Professionals (YPs) are currently involved with their second engagement from July 2018 under the supervision of Mr. Tazin Shadid, Consultant, Strategy, innovation and Branding. 7 YPs (Farzana, Maruf, Munni, Shadab, Shakil, Hasib & Mahmud) will be working for the Health and Development Programs.

The other two YPs (Zarin & Tushin) who were continuing their roles as Branch Managers in Abdullahbagh and Basabo respectively, will now be working as Assistant Branch Manager. This is because continuing their posts seemed to be the most feasible and more productive option for the YPs to learn their roles and perform better, while ensuring that the specific branch in question was not put under any disruption in regard to their management process.