The young professionals complete their first cycle with a reflection session.

This June, SAJIDA’S first batch of 10 “Young Professionals” started their journey with different program attachments from March 1st, 2018. As they complete one cycle end of June, and before they start a new cycle from July 1st, they have completed the following activities so far:

Zarin Tashfi Subah: has started the role as the branch manager from 6th June, 2018. Soon after, she arranged a meeting to know about the current situation of the staffs and what problems they are facing to accomplish their task. After discussing with them set the possible overdue, borrower and FDR saving target for this month. She has also attended a meeting at Regional office and shared the target with all since it is a compulsory part for all the Branch Managers. She has set each day target for individual field officer and shared the plan with them. She started visiting members’ houses and approve their loans; after checking the loan files, she disbursed them. Last but not least, she filtered everyday overdue list for the field officers and asked them to collect the loans, and if they are not successful to do so, ask them to write in the comment section, the reason. Finally, she checked the portal regularly to see how many members paid their installment and if the number is unusual and if yes finding the reason if that is because of the agent or the members.

Tasnim Islam Tushin: has started performing as Branch Manager in Bashabo – 05 from 15th May, 2018. She started with visiting each household to check the required before endorsing a loan application. She had to verify whether a member is deserving of getting a pre-approved loan by checking their previous transaction record and home visit. She has also motivated members to take water credit and pre-approved loans on field levels. Delivered a short speech on how SAJIDA’s members are protected from sudden consequences like death, accidents, health benefits, etc. by the Nirapotta Program, and attended staff meetings in order to monitor their work progress as well as execution of new.

Hasib Ahmed: was working with the Quality Control of SAJIDA Hospital Narayangonj where he had to observe the non-technical section of Quality Control & fill up the QC Checklist 01. Afterwards, from June 10 till June 21 he was engaged with the Pharmacy. His responsibilities included: observe client response, staffs attitude towards clients, availability of medicines & procurement, expiry of medicines, generic name wise medicine list etc.

M. Mohammad Ullah: Started with meeting with supervisor and infrastructure design team. Worked on Hospital Quality control and learned the basics of Pharmacy management at Keraniganj Hospital.

Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee, Farjana Jaman, Moumita Saha & Farjana Yesmin: Visited Narayanganj for a survey to find out new pavement dwellers for Amrao Manush Program, and also for the feasibility analysis to open up a new PDC at Narayanganj. They have visited different slums and conducted a Gender based violence (GBV) session with their Para Counsellor. They have also iftaar at the PDC and received around 20,000 TK. from local donors this month and bought freezer and either items for the children. They attended a meeting with Concern Worldwide Bangladesh, and Internal Audit and Infrastructure department came to visit their PDCs as well as top management from Finance visited to simplify the savings process of the Amrao Manush Program members. The Livelihood and Advocacy Officer managed to open up new bank accounts for their members, where 20 new accounts were opened this month. At the same time, they have distributed health card for their members. And finally conducted an orientation session for this health card which is also a joint concern of EU, BRAC, Concern Worldwide Bangladesh and SAJIDA Foundation. Therefore, from now the card holders can avail free medical services at selective hospitals.

Shadab Shams Sowad & Shahidul Islam Shakil: are engaged in the Community Wellness Program (CWP). They have taken the role of Community Organizer where they work with the members and monitor “SAJIDA Bondhu’s’’ (SB). They have been given the responsibility to monitor 10 SAJIDA Bondhu’s who are working in 9 different branches of Region Narshingdi & Dhaka East.

As a community organizer their main responsibility is to monitor SAJIDA Bondhus to ensure their best quality of work. Apart from this, they try to make sure that they get a better work environment by creating a bridge between SB & other branch staffs. In this month they have arranged three law classes at thier Bhulta & Araihazar branch to share knowledge regarding different law among oAJIDA’s members. The class was helpful for them & they were very pleased to attend such type of classes.

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On June 27, 2018, at the end of three months of engagement with SAJIDA’s programs on the field, the first batch of “Young Professionals” were invited to a “Reflection Session” at Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan 2. The session aimed to facilitate sharing of experiences and learning within the team and with the Senior Management and engage everyone in constructive feedback and self-evaluation as well as mark the way forward.

Key program personnel from respective programs were present to provide their valuable input and give the YPs guidance, motivation and direction to move forward. The YPs were also briefed on the details of their second phase by Mr Tazin Shadid, Consultant, Strategy, Innovation and Branding.

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