The roads need to be created, voices need to be heard

The words are beautiful – Love! Touch! But lustful love? The dirty touch?

The wound inflicted at a naïve and adolescent age does not heal and is left unspoken and unheard! Distant relative aged above sixty violates the trust of a 12-year-old through sexual abuse. She thinks she will tell her mother about it but her words dry up and she says nothing. There is no one in the house and at the doorbell the fifteen-year-old rushes to the door to invite the guest inside. Mother has taught her to behave well with the guest. But while sitting beside him and watching the TV she feels the guest’s dirty touch. The moment of horror and disgust!

The dream and the desire to establish myself as a self-reliant person was very strong with the support of my parents and family. Being the younger daughter, I was always pampered with love and affection. I don’t know why, but the discrimination between boys and girls always used to make me furious. There is no discrimination when it comes to a teacher or a doctor. Or is there?

I have witnessed many classmates who, after marriage, have put her husband’s education first, even though they are of the same profession, and left her own career to take care of the house. We recognize Ms. Anjali as Sachin Tendulkar’s wife and praise her for giving him such a wonderful family but how many of us know or acknowledge the fact that she was a gold medalist in pediatrics? Yes, the society only applauds to this; how well she has managed her household and raised her children. This is her life and it should be her choice however she likes to lead it. Why is marital status so important in one’s biography? What kind of skill does it prove? The times and the ways people stared at me when I tick into “single/unmarried” while being at my late thirties is just unimaginable. A man can easily go around writing just Mr. but when it comes to a woman, she has to either write Miss or Mrs. to establish her association with a man.

I have lost count of the number of times I had to hear people gossip about me, the times when I had to endure the attack of painful words. While leading my life I have considered myself as a human, as a person first. I have led my life according to my own terms and conditions. By ignoring curious glance of youngsters to old aged men, I have completed such a long journey in my life. Once a colleague told me, “Apa! You are a very nice person and everything is good about you except for your feminism”. I smiled and replied, “Except your conservative side, everything else is not that bad, you are not that bad to work with”.

I want to dispel one of the main myths about generic Viagra: erection doesn’t occur immediately after the drug intake! Moreover, the manual on site says that Sildenafil is effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation. In general, I noticed face burning and increased heartbeat within about 30 minutes.

In this male dominated society, a woman is valued for her external beauty only rather than for her achievements and merits. In a society where there is illiteracy and bigotry from rickshaw pullers, bus helpers and tailors to the white-collar jobs employees or political leaders, no one pays due respect to women which is her basic human right. When a girl is obedient, just like a puppet, only then is she considered a “good girl” and family oriented but when she is opinionated and straightforward she becomes labeled as a “bad girl” in society. The social system forces women to dance with their chains and tell them to dance – what kind of civilized society is this? Girls are repeatedly tortured with the blame of determining sex of their unborn child. Even in social media women are heavily objectified. In the name of religion women are being repeatedly suppressed and insulted, achievements are overshadowed by the bad words. No matter how many ‘help lines’ are there, we must break our silence. This social pressure, harassment and violence against women needs be protested. We all have a story to share where we have been afflicted with pain both physically and mentally, where we have been molested and humiliated and so on. We all have to stand with each other, holding each other hands, raise our voice and shout out: “No one has the right to humiliate us no matter who you are and how big of a rank you hold”. Resistance will be the remedy. Family Against Sexual Harassment and Violence – Friendship – There is no alternative to protesting from your respective workplace. Whoever stands against the situation – will win, it must be. The reason- ” the most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own.”