Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar

Mr. Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar has been the Chairman of BURO, a reputed national NGO. Prior to this he was the Treasurer of BRAC University. He was also the Director of Administration, Monitoring and Audit at BRAC, further overseeing the Partnership Strengthening Unit and Transport departments. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to several important projects including the Oral Therapy Extension Programme, Child Survival Programme, Women’s Health Development, the Rural Credit Programme and the Management Development Programme. He was the founding Chairperson of Credit and Development Forum (CDF). Apart from being a member of SAJIDA Foundation’s governing body, Mr. Sarkar is also a member of the general committees of BRAC, CDF and Srizony and a member of the Governing Body of Nova Consultancy Bangla. Mr. Sarkar earned his Masters in Management from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, and his Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) and Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) degrees from Rajshahi University.