Mohammed Bin Quasem

Mohammad Bin Quasem holds the position of Managing Director at Incredible Fashions Ltd., Managing Director at Stitch Right Ltd., Managing Director at Quality Assured Ltd. and Director & Operations Director at Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd. He is also serving as the board member of SAJIDA Foundation. His career began at MM Ispahani Ltd before serving in senior management capacities in an international bank in Hong Kong.

Mr. Quasem is a shareholder director of well-established 5 manufacturing concerns in and around Dhaka with cumulative turnover of over US $150 million: Equity Resources Ltd., Echotex Ltd., Echo Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd., Far East Yarn Dyeing Industries Ltd., National Tea Co. Ltd.

He completed his post-graduation degree in Economics from Northern Eastern University, Boston, USA.