Jahan Chowdhury

Jahan Chowdhury is the Global Lead of the Environment and Climate Cluster of IFAD of the United Nations, based in Rome, Italy. Prior to this, Jahan worked at McKinsey and Company in Washington, DC, where he was the lead for Country Climate Transition team. He was responsible to support developing countries and private sector entities to design and execute an appropriate decarbonisation and resilience pathways. For over 4 years, Jahan was the Director of Country Engagement of the Secretariat of NDC Partnership, hosted by WRI and UNFCCC. He was responsible for overseeing operations in 107 developing countries with primary responsibility of connecting the dots between climate and economic development objectives of national and subnational governments.

Jahan worked in various capacities for 15 bilateral and multilateral development partners, as well as Planning and Finance Ministries in over 15 developing countries. He has expertise in the development and implementation of national climate plans; integration of climate in national and sub-national planning, budgeting, and public investment programming. He is one of the pioneers to conceptualize, design, and roll out national level climate funds that are now currently operational in 8 countries, with combined capitalization of over USD 15 billion.

Jahan has an MPhil degree in Development Studies with focus on development economics in Latin America and South East Asia from University of Oxford, UK. He completed MSc degree in development management from University of Birmingham and BSS degree in Development Communication from Independent University, Bangladesh.