Supporting a loved one

Mr. Ahmed suffered from a stroke that left him with speech difficulty, and in need of assistance with walking. He was admitted in the hospital’s internal care unit, which meant his life had come to a halt and he had to put a stop to his daily hobbiesSeeing his state of mind and physical healthMr. Ahmed’s daughter contacted SAJIDA Foundation’s Elder Care for assistance 

Five months after taking services from Elder Care, Mr. Ahmed can now work and travel without any assistance, and will begin his daily activities again. When asked how his quality of life has improved as a result of his Elder Care’s Caregiver, he said that he was given three wonderful people as his caregivers and that his family is indebted to SAJIDA for giving them such wonderful, professional helping hands. 

On being asked about his goals, Mr. Ahmed said that he wants to recommend SAJIDA Foundation’s Elder Care to future clients and added that he needs “a few extra pamphlets.” 


I think I have met some fine people who took extra care of me while I was sick. I learnt to sing again for them, and I learnt to be a kinder person. I will forever remember Elder Care. – Mr. Ahmed


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    February 20, 2020

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