Rina Akhter

Rina Akhter came to SAJIDA Hospital with her five month old baby named Yasin Arafat, suffering from severe fever and cold, which later she found out was a severe case of pneumonia. She came to the SAJIDA hospital, Narayanganj with fear in her heart as she had been denied service in multiple hospitals before coming to SAJIDA Hospital. When she initially found her baby to be ill, she went to the nearest hospital where she was denied service as there was not enough room left in the hospital. “I will sit in this corner, I will not take any space, please look after him”, she recalls pleading them. Then she went to Dhaka with high hopes and she was told that her baby might not even live till the end of the day, and as this was a critical case, they did not want to admit her baby. She was verbally abused in both the places and she was so frantic that she went down on her knees, begging the doctors to take care of her baby. After two days of looking for care, her husband got news of SAJIDA Hospital from a well-wisher, and they came to the hospital in hope that Yasin would get the proper care he required. They came to the hospital at 8 PM at night, and to their surprise, Yasin was admitted and started getting treatment by 9 PM and he was already taking his mother’s milk by then. Three days passed and after endless care from the staff at SAJIDA Hospital, Yasin is now healthy and smiles at everyone with joy in his eyes. Rina is grateful to SAJIDA Hospital as she feared for child’s life, and because of the quick intervention by the staff, her child is now healthy and happy. She is thankful that she was treated properly, and will never forget the hospitality SAJIDA Hospital showed her.