Story of a malnourished newborn barely clinging on to life

Mrs. Rima and Mr. Jakir arrived in SAJIDA Keraniganj hospital with their newborn who was barely clinging to life due to malnutrition. They were deeply concerned and disturbed about their newborn’s condition, and they informed the doctors that the baby did not have a sucking reflex at birth which would allow the baby to take mother’s milk. They had admitted their baby to other hospitals for weeks and did not notice any improvement and decided to come to SAJIDA Hospital. After a rigorous consultation session, the doctors found out that Mrs. Rima was suffering from high pressure at the time of delivery, and the baby had to be delivered prematurely through caesarian (C-section) at 32 weeks of pregnancy as compared to normal delivery time of 37 weeks. This caused in malnutrition and weak feeding patterns of the newborn, and the baby was only 980 grams at the time of admission.

After several days of admission, the baby started to gain several grams in weight. The baby seems to be regaining strength by the day, and the parents are overjoyed with this progress. They highly appreciated the hospital staffs, specially the NICU department for saving their baby from a precarious condition. This applaud couldn’t have been possible without the presence of the NICU department at SAJIDA Hospital, Keraniganj.

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