“Start protesting all around the world, and respect women”

“Whatever great creation in this world has ever seen, half of it has been made of women, and the other half, men” – words by Kazi Nazrul Islam.

But does anyone really believe this statement anymore? Even if they do, women are still neglected in every way. They are not able to keep the up pace with everyone today, and they are unable to meet their rights. Do you know who is responsible for this? I think the people responsible for this are the people who take advantage of women – starting from home, in the field, office, courts, various institutions, roads and halls, vehicles, etc. If men do not stop this inhumane behavior then this problem will never be solved. Women are sexually harassed especially in garment factories, NGOs, corporate offices and private organizations. In these institutions, women are subjected to sexual harassment in various different ways. Women secretly endanger their life because they feel helpless and cannot voice out their troubles. Many try to illustrate women’s problem as unwrapped sweets in the open and how mosquitoes can taint that unwrapped sweet just because they’re out in the open.

If men do not change their mentality, it will be impossible to live equally for a woman in this man’s society. In our country, the contribution of women who work as breadwinners cannot be denied, and even with this we do not value them. Sadly, this is being done because the society is ruled by men. In this modern day and age, a woman cannot walk on the road without any distress and this is because men of all age do not stop from making bad comments. I am talking about a change in this mindset. We often talk about equality, but how will we become equal if we do not change our vision?

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If men do not change themselves, a fair environment will not be created. Men attain education from women from the beginning of their life, so when they disrespect women, the value of this education gets diminished. Whatever family a man is born to, they are born from a woman’s womb. Thus, their mentality should be kind and inclusive.

Marina Khanam

Focal Point