Spread The Warmth During This Cold Wave

As we get ready to warm up during the cold wave hitting Dhaka city, let us not forget the pavement dwellers who call the pavement their home and must endure the worst of the winter with families and children. Help share the warmth by donating cash or kind (blankets and winter clothes) to protect the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society.

Through the Amrao Manush Project supported by Concern Worldwide, Irish Aid and a private donor organization, SAJIDA operates seven Pavement Dweller Centers for neglected and marginalized pavement dwellers. These Pavement Dweller Centers offer essential services to pavement dwellers and their children including day care, non formal education, health services, place for resting, bathing, cooking etc.


  1. I’m writing on this topic these days, safetoto, but I have stopped writing because there is no reference material. Then I accidentally found your article. I can refer to a variety of materials, so I think the work I was preparing will work! Thank you for your efforts.

    January 11, 2018

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