Spool Dreams and Big Shoes

Toma Tailors, Kanchon – this 20 year-old business has seen its share of tragedy and glory. Founded by a talented and popular tailor-master, Raja Miah, fit his dreams in a 100 square-foot space and named it after his daughter; Toma. The dream weaved towards success on its 8th year, while the business boomed, the world lost Raja Miah to fate.

The tragedy, like any other, affected the family greatly. Quick decisions had to be made, the dream needed a new master. Md. Bulbul Miah, the brother of the then deceased Raja Miah, suggested that his son take his uncle’s place at the tailor shop. He had grown up watching his uncle work the art and slowly picked up on some of his craftsmanship. It was indeed big shoes to fill.

The journey started off rocky as it would when you give someone shoes to fill when least expected. Bulbul Miah worked at a jute mill and had to travel a lot to work this job. It was all up to Rubel Miah. The burden of expectations that lay with the words “Toma Tailors” were all on his shoulders and it was too much to take for such a young man.

That is when Bulbul Miah, put his foot down and decided that his beloved brother’s dream was bigger than any dream that his 9-5 had in store. Mukta, wife of Bulbul and mother of Rubel Miah, decided to take all the responsibilities and monetary decisions of the business while the son worked on his art and the husband worked the operations. They took their first BDT 25,000 loan from SAJIDA’s Kanchon branch and glory lead the way.

10 years since their biggest loss, Toma Tailors extended from its 100 square-foot to a larger shop with an array of local and imported collection of unstitched dresses and a small factory that now has 4 craftsmen working under the training of Master Rubel Miah. During Eid season, Toma Tailors has to decline orders after the first week of Ramadan because of the overwhelming response of their hundreds of loyal customers. And, with the booming business getting bigger, her father’s dream taking its shape more vividly every day, Toma got married to her prince in Gopalgonj with finances earned from the business.

“With the help of SAJIDA Foundation’s loans, not only did we make this business bigger, we created a livelihood for ourselves that we once could only dream of!” – Mukta.