Strategic Business Development

SAJIDA’s Strategic Business Development Wing (“SBDW”) was established in early 2010 to develop sustainable social businesses that would widen the range of services and opportunities available to our members. Although ideally these social businesses would be a natural extension of SAJIDA’s core microfinance and health programs, we are open to assessing any social business projects that we think will positively impact our beneficiaries.

The original concept for SBDW came from SAJIDA management’s desire to offer new, innovative services to its beneficiaries outside the scope of microfinance and health. An added impetus was SAJIDA Foundation’s 51% equity ownership in Renata Limited (“Renata”), one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. With these shares, SAJIDA has the flexibility to finance projects without having to rely on external funding. As such, the SBDW is an ideal platform for SAJIDA to raise funds against its Renata shares and invest these funds prudently in businesses that are socially-motivated, profitable and sustainable. Profits raised from any SBDW ventures will be re-invested in the business and into SAJIDA programs.

Under the SBDW model, SAJIDA will jointly finance new projects with other investors but will ideally look to own a majority stake in any new business. Additionally, SAJIDA would be keen to partner with organizations that, in addition to funding, will be able to provide technical support. Sectors that SAJIDA is particularly keen to invest in include healthcare, education, alternative energy, and technology. Current projects under review include a College of Nursing, a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, and Centre for Elderly Care.

We welcome inquiries from potential investors and partner organizations regarding the above projects. We also invite proposals for new social businesses that could potentially find funding through SAJIDA SBDW.

Please email us at and we will get back to you.