My Identity is my Pride

My Identity is my Pride

Every so often women become victims of gender discrimination. Even now, a family gets excited if a boy child is born and gets disappointed at the birth of a girl child. While change has taken place, the problems persist. For example, in case of dowry, when the groom’s side demands something forcefully it is considered dowry but when they hint indirectly with sugarcoated words, dowry is practiced willingly and happily.


A family is more concerned about a boy’s career than that of a girl. In case of girls, the bigger concern is marriage over education or career. In most families, a girl child is raised to be a perfect housewife rather than a financially independent woman. Sometimes it is as though a girl’s house is merely an institution preparing her for her in-laws. At every step, she is reminded “This is not your house; your house will be  your in-laws.”

When a girl steps into her in-law’s house, she has to bear the majority or even entirety of responsibilities alongside raising her children. However, she does not get any recognition or appreciation for it. There is no institution that addresses the labour of a housewife.

Hence when asked, “Are you a working woman or a house wife?”, a woman’s response is:

Yes, I am a full-time working woman

I work 24 hours a day

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am a mother in-law

I am an alarm clock

I am a cook

I am full time helping hand

I am a teacher

I am a servant

I am a nurse

I am an expert in miscellaneous work

I am a security officer

I am an advisor

I am a counsellor

I never get an off day

Nor can I take a sick leave

I work continuously from morning to night

And after the whole day of hectic work, I get to hear in return

“What have you done the entire day?”

Let us come forward and break this gender discrimination. Women should not be treated like dolls. Women should not be deprived of their rights and should get what they deserve. Women should be respected for their work and not just serve as an object deserving pity.


Written By:

Raheba Khatun

Livelihood and Advocacy Officer,

ILUEP Project, SAJIDA Foundation


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