SAJIDA springs to action at the onset of dengue outbreak

In an effort to control dengue outbreak earlier this year, SAJIDA Foundation joined the Dhaka South City Corporation dengue prevention campaign by deploying 30 staff members as volunteers for the month, who will be working with the City Corporation team visiting households, creating awareness, and helping destroy the Aedes larvae responsible for the spread of the disease. Representing SAJIDA Foundation, Md. Fazlul Haque has been working to address the dengue crisis with the Organization’s overall goal of ensuring health, happiness and dignity for all.

Following this development, on August 7th, the Santhia Upazila Administration of Microfinance conducted a seminar for its members on how to prevent the spread of dengue through keeping their surrounding clean and taking immediate necessary actions if symptoms appear.

Simultaneously, SAJIDA Hospitals conducted 43 awareness sessions within their hospitals as well as in the communities. During this entire month, 24000 leaflets were also distributed to locals in their vicinity, while 1713 dengue tests were performed, and 152 patients treated. 2 staffs from the hospital has also been dedicatedly working alongside DSCC in their dengue awareness efforts.