SAJIDA provides health and nutrition support for forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals

SAJIDA’s Humanitarian Crisis program provided primary health consultations to 1907 Rohingya patients in September. Among those, 374 were children under 5 years old while 1686 Rohingya received free medicine. Two separate kinds of nutrition packages have also been distributed to malnourished, lactating and pregnant mothers, as well as children under 5. While these interventions were in process, health and hygiene awareness sessions were held focusing on women of reproductive age, pregnant and lactating mothers, and adolescents. Among the 10 sessions arranged, 200 beneficiaries were made aware on important issues like family planning, personal and menstrual hygiene, along with care for pregnant women and the child.

Humanitarian Crisis program was borne out of the need to structure disaster response mechanism in Bangladesh, being identified as one of the most disaster-prone countries owing to its geographical location, and to carry out timely interventions in the wake of major disasters, humanitarian crises, national or local emergencies, and other natural or man-made disasters.