SAJIDA Foundation Implemented Community Piped Water Supply System At Datter Char Village In Jamalpur

“This is a unique approach of its kind, not only in the Upazila but also in the District” – UNO, Bakshiganj Upazila.

To meet the need of safe drinking water of disaster-prone area, SAJIDA Foundation successfully implemented community piped water supply system at Datter Char Village of Bakshiganj Upazila in Jamalpur District. Other initiatives of the project addressed WASH in health facility and improved sanitation need for the community. Approximately 1,000 people use the facility every month. Moreover, SAJIDA has also established a dedicated modern female WASH block supplemented by Menstruation Hygiene Management (MHM) chamber for 240 girls in the Upazila High School. Given the increased need for WASH, facilities were inaugurated on July 6 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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