SAJIDA observes National Nutrition Week

SAJIDA Foundation Celebrated National Nutrition Week from 23rd to 29th April, focusing on the theme: “Nutrition must be considered when we think of food”. The week aimed to create awareness about the importance of nutrition and its impact on development, productivity, economic growth and national development. 226 participants (56 male and 170 female) from the community level engaged in events related to this program. The programs throughout the week included discussion sessions and an art competition for children of SAJIDA’s Pavement Dweller Centres aged 5 and above, and also for adolescents, who also participated in a quiz competition. A session with parents was also conducted on issues like breastfeeding, IYCF, and maternal nutrition. Adolescent Session was conducted about adolescent nutrition, menstrual hygiene, and WASH issues. A participatory cooking session was organized as well.