SAJIDA Ready to Launch New Project on Promoting Sustainable Health and nutrition Opportunities for Marginalized Urban Extreme Poor Population (PROSHOMON)

Promoting sustainable health and nutrition opportunities for marginalized urban extreme poor Population (PROSHOMON) in Bangladesh is a voucher scheme based project that targets to improve the health and nutrition status of the extreme poor by increasing accessibility, coverage, comprehensiveness and sustainability of existing primary health and nutrition services in urban Bangladesh. The specific objectives of the project is to improve access to and utilization of a free essential services package (ESP) of quality primary health care nutrition and population services by the extreme poor in Feni and Chandpur Municipalities in Chittagong Divisions. Concern Worldwide will take overall responsibility of delivery and management resources of the action, provide strategic and technical support and lead operations research while SAJIDA Foundation will lead implementation by involving Municipalities, NGO and private health service providers in the target areas.

As a part of the process, coordination meetings were held with DC offices, municipalities and civil surgeon offices during June and July. A brief introduction of the program was provided to the respective officials. All field staffs have been recruited and the program will be in operation with identification of target households as well as conduction of formal orientations to Govt. stakeholders as well as to the partners from August, 2018.

The project’s official inauguration is due on August and September, 2018 at Feni and Chandpur Municipalities involving Government representatives as well officials from Concern Worldwide and SAJIDA Foundation.