SAJIDA Hospital in Keraniganj Introduces Phaco Surgery in Keraniganj Area For the Very First Time

On 16th January, 2019, SAJIDA Hospital in Keraniganj performed the Phaco surgery for the very first time in Keraniganj. The Phaco or Phacoemulsification surgery is a modern cataract surgery in which the eye’s internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic hand piece and aspirated from the eye. The Phaco surgery is the most advanced kind of cataract surgery, and SAJIDA Hospital has already conducted two successful surgeries on the aforementioned date on patients aged 60 and 70, both female. The surgery was led by Dr. Md. Abul Hossain MBBS, DO, Consultant of SAJIDA Hospital, and he has seventeen years of experience in the field of Ophthalmology.  

SAJIDA’s health program prioritizes both physical and mental health and includes a range of initiatives to ensure that marginalized and underserved communities have access to quality health services. SAJIDA operates 2 hospitals equipped with modern medical, surgical and diagnostic facilities. These hospitals offer quality care at affordable costs in a patient-friendly environment and work to ensure quality hospital services particularly for low-income groups. As of November 2018, our hospitals have served around 2.1 million patients, treated around 1,774,000 patients and performed around 6,000 cataract surgeries.