SAJIDA Foundation observes World Mental Health Day through month long awareness activities in October

SAJIDA Foundation places equal importance on both mental and physical health and wellbeing and encourages all its change makers to make conscious efforts to nurture their health, especially mental health. This year, instead of observing World Mental Health Day only on October 10, 2018, SAJIDA Foundation observed month long mental health activities on the month of October.

On October 10, 2018 mental health awareness messages were conveyed throughout SAJIDA. Employees at the head office received art stencils and crayons which act as art therapy to release stress. On the day, Anika Rabbani from Yoganika took a session at the head office to help equip SAJIDA employees with important tips on coping with workplace stresses.

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Alongside the head office, staff in all of SAJIDA’s field offices also engaged in discussion and activity related to nurturing mental wellness today. The children of ILUEP-Amrao Manush Program planted seeds and colored pots which they will keep with them and take care of it. The activity was designed so that the children can understand the importance of nurturing.

An article was published in The Daily Star highlighting how employers can create happier workspaces to nurture the mental wellbeing of employees. Read more here:

Moreover, Carom, Chess and Ludo competitions were held among the head office staff all month to engage them in fun activities and let them know the importance of taking breaks in between work to release stress and maintain a balance between work and mental wellbeing.