SAJIDA Foundation Observes 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

10th December marked the completion of SAJIDA’s participation in the #16daysofactivism to end gender based violence in the world of work. On each day, SAJIDA’s staff across all branch and program offices participated in different activities as part of SAJIDA’s efforts to create awareness and eliminate gender based violence. These activities included viewing informative videos, engaging in group discussion, sharing articles and participating in a quiz competition to test one’s gender sensitivity. SAJIDA’s staff on the field participated by writing their pledges to act out against gender based violence on placards and posted their photos on social media to raise awareness.

As a part of this, SAJIDA had the pleasure of welcoming Barrister Sajeda Farisa Kabir Partner at Vertex Chambers and former Associate Director, BRAC Human Rights and Legal Aid Services on 5th December, 2018 to engage with staff in a session on gender based violence in work place. With years of experience in this sector, Ms Kabir pointed out the important factors that need to be considered to end gender based violence in the world of work and helped address some important questions that emerged through the session.

SAJIDA Foundation is committed to addressing gender-based violence through investment, research and learning, and collaboration with stakeholders nationally and internationally. We can all work together in in creating a safer and inclusive family for all with zero tolerance towards gender based violence.