SAJIDA Foundation introduces Digital Financing Services (DFS) to offer and collect WASH loans

SAJIDA Foundation has developed a platform in partnership with to allow people in need to access financial services for water facilities and improved sanitation system by introducing Digital Financing System (DFS) for more efficient financial service provision. In this regard, SAJIDA Foundation organized a dissemination workshop on 23rd and 24th September 2018 in Abdullahbagh and Uttara, Dhaka, with the objective to inform beneficiaries about DFS, promote improved hygiene and sanitation practices and create the space for people to share their needs and concerns. A total of 168 beneficiaries of the Microfinance program attended the workshop and participated enthusiastically in the discussion.

With a focus on innovation and quality as one of its core values, SAJIDA Foundation constantly strives to introduce new and efficient solutions to address existing problems, particularly in health, microfinance, and urban development programs. This initiative will enable marginalized communities to access financial services for improved WASH facilities and empower them to accelerate change in their own homes and communities – enabling a life of health, happiness and dignity.

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