SAJIDA Inaugurates Primary Healthcare Center at Rohingya Camp in Cox’s Bazar

On 30 January 2019, SAJIDA Foundation inaugurated a primary healthcare center at the Rohingya Camp 11, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar. Officials from BRAC, Friendship NGO, Community Development Centre (CODEC), Action Against Hunger, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International were present at the ceremony, and the Camp-in-charge (CIC), Mr. Zahid Akhter was the chief guest. This healthcare center will initially start serving 100 people a day through a team of medical experts, and this number is expected to rise in time. The services at this center, starting from doctor’s consultation to disbursing medicine is completely free of charge for the Rohingya people, and consists of two doctor’s chambers and a WASH facility.  

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, a lively discussion session was held where Mr. Fazlul Haque, Sr. Director (Development Program), SAJIDA Foundation said, ‘We hope this venture brings in a sustainable change to the Rohingya people’s lives’. The CIC emphasized on the importance of all the organizations providing support to the Rohingya working together, and he said ‘The transition period is the most difficult period, we have to work together to get through this time’. He also talked about establishing health cards and ensuring proper documentation to provide better healthcare services. Finally, he suggested on the job training for medical officers alongside the doctors so that they can learn on the job and respond to any crisis head on.  

SAJIDA’s commitment towards responding to disasters and facing humanitarian crises can be reflected from providing services for the Rohingya in this ongoing crisis.