Mental Health has always been at the forefront of SAJIDA’s mission in ensuring health, happiness and dignity for all. In an effort to shed light on the importance of mental health and wellbeing, SAJIDA Foundation observed positive mental health practices throughout the month of October.

On 7th October, SAJIDA Foundation organized a meditation session with Rusaasvaad from Satori Meditations, in order to help its members take a break from everyday work and relax; followed by a special feature published by The Daily Star highlighting the victims and families of suicide, and the role of Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC) in creating a positive impact.

On World Mental Health Day on 10th October, SAJIDA Foundation invited Dr Ashique Selim, Managing Director and Lead Psychiatrist of Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic – PHWC to conduct a session on mental health and wellbeing with members of the foundation where he covered the basics of mental health, stress management, triggers for anxiety and depression, and lastly, ways to detect and prevent suicidal tendencies.

This is only my personal experience, but I was really helped by a therapist, and Valium by I was feeling so bad that I was always crying: in the car, in the queue, during the walk with the child… It’s not even stress, but the consequences of a psychological trauma… You must be careful with medications. I was prescribed the drugs, which mustn’t be taken with alcohol. It can cause very serious consequences…

Similarly, Artist and advocate for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Samir Obaid, visited Amrao Manush Pavement Dweller Centre to have a fun engaging session with the kids of Amrao Manush on the topic of mental health, while SAJIDA’s Working with Woman: Phase 2 program held an awareness session on mental health and well-being, followed by a quiz session and ending with a colouring competition recognizing the 5 best designs at N. R. Group in Narayanganj with 50 RMG workers along with 5 Welfare Officers.

Through interactive sessions and experience sharing, along with fun-filled activities for different programs as well as its beneficiaries, SAJIDA Foundation concluded the month on a positive note with a more unified and positive set of minds.

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