SAJIDA celebrates Global Hand washing Day with Telugu Community

Global Handwashing Day is a reminder of the importance of clean hands, and how not ensuring it leads to yearly 272 million children losing schooldays to diarrhea disease, as well as 50% of the all infections acquired. In keeping with this year’s theme along with the values of SAJIDA Foundation, WASH4UrbanPoor celebrated Global Handwashing Day with various communities along with the Telugu Community.

One hundred low income community people from eight communities attended the event taking place at the Telugu School where numerous children participated in an art competition. A rally was also held after with a white banner that had the colourful hand prints of children and letter cards with Global Handwashing Day spelled out.

The event was another one of the foundation’s efforts to create awareness in different communities through festivity and inclusiveness, reflecting the values of SAJIDA to ensure Health, Happiness, & Dignity for All.