SAJIDA Celebrates Eid with the children and mothers of Amrao Manush Program and patients admitted in SAJIDA Hospital

Like every Eid, the children of Amrao Manush Program received new dresses from the project and also private donors. 346 (Male: 132, Female: 214) children received new Eid dresses from the centers located in Dhaka and 183 children (male: 93, female: 90) from Chittagong pavement dweller centers received new Eid Dresses.

Eid-Ul Fitr was also celebrated in the centres with the children and mothers of Amrao Manush Program who stayed at the PDCs. 53 children from Dhaka centres and 77 children from Chittagong centres celebrated Eid ul Fitr at the center with their mothers and staff of Amrao Manush Program.

The day was full of activities where the children wore their new clothes given by the program and private donors, put on henna on their hands and wore jewelleries and also participated in cultural activities such as singing, dancing, poem recitation and acting. Some mothers also accompanied their children in such activities. They sung few songs with their children. Moreover the children also enjoyed the day with Eid delicacies such as rice pudding, mangoes, sweets and ice-cream. Also there was feast which had polao, curry chicken, egg curry, and salad.

On the other hand, Lt. Col. (Rtd) Md. Manjur Ahad Helal, psc, NDS, NBA (Senior General Manager, SAJIDA Hospital) along with other on duty staff of SAJIDA Hospital at Keranigonj distributed fruits and sweets among the patients who were admitted in the hospital. There was a total of 14 female patients admitted. One was an expecting mother and the rest were all mothers of new born. Two patients had their babies at the incubator too. This was the first time when patients were greeted on Eid day at the hospital.

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