SAJIDA reaches out to victims of “Molla Slum” fire

On 12th March, 2018, a fire swept over 8,000 shanties in the Mirpur “Molla Slum,” leaving thousands of people homeless and devastated. The fire started at 4 am, catching people off-guard and leaving little time to salvage any belongings. The Government of Bangladesh took active measures to rebuild homes destroyed in the fire and assist the victims. SAJIDA Foundation assisted with a survey conducted by DSK and CUP prior to the rehabilitation work and on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, SAJIDA Foundation donated BDT 5,000 each to 40 selected individuals affected severely by the fire. SAJIDA is now preparing to donate funds to more people affected by the fire in Molla Slum.

Established with the vision of Health, Happiness & Dignity for All, SAJIDA Foundation adheres firmly to its mandate of responding to any and all disasters with humanitarian actions.

Some of SAJIDA’s recent disaster responses include medical services for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar; and relief and rehabilitation efforts for victims of devastating floods of 2017, among others


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