SAJIDA attends 50th anniversary of Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide founded in 1968 celebrates its 50th anniversary across the globe. The glorious event in Bangladesh took place in ICCB on November 15, 2018. Ms. Zahida Fizza Kabir, Executive Director, SAJIDA Foundation along with staff from ILUEP-Amrao Manush Program attended this event. Eight children from the pavement dweller centers (PDCs) of the program also performed in the event.

The organization which was founded by a small group of people in Ireland who simply wanted to do something to help the people of Biafra struggling to survive a massive famine been fighting extreme poverty in Bangladesh since 1972. For over 40 years, they have worked relentlessly to reduce extreme poverty by focusing on three dimensions – lack of assets, risks and vulnerabilities, and inequalities.







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