As of November, 2020


Areas CoveredQuantity
Districts Covered 26
Unions 699
Upazilas 186
Branches 228
Annual Budget (USD Million) 637.35

Human Resources

Head Office11449163


Districts Covered 22
Total Branch Offices 222
Total Active Members 392,965
Total Borrowers 295,806
Total Balance of Loan Outstanding (BDT Million) 14708.64
Total Amount Disbursed (on this month) (BDT Million) 2248.78
Total Member Savings Balance (BDT Million) 4378.55
Portfolio-At-Risk (PAR30) 20.82%
On Time Recovery (OTR) 88%
Caseload Per Credit Officer 261

Amrao Manush Program

Districts Covered 2
Pavement Dweller Centers 7
Participants Who Received Basic Necessities 21,493
Children Who Received Day Care Services 2,019
Participants Who Received Health Care 17,164
Total Savings Deposited by Participants (BDT Million) 22.35
Total Block Grants Distributed (BDT Million) 24.63


ANC & PNC Service Provided 15,133
Static & Satellite Clinics Organized 2,496
Patients Who Received Health Care 55,263
Cataract Surgeries Performed 417
Education Centers Established 37
Sanitary Latrines Constructed 53
Tube-Well Installed 45
Household based Sanitary Latrines Constructed 500
Beggar Families Rehabilitated 11
Vocational Training Provided 17
No. of Borrower419

Agriculture & Livestock

Technology Demonstrations on Agriculture 943
Technology Demonstrations on Fish culture 271
Technology Demonstration on Livestock & Poultry 945
Farmers Who Received Training on Agriculture Livestock & Poultry 10,598

SAJIDA Hospitals

Doctors 18
Specialist Doctors 27
Nurses/Paramedics 57
Hospitals 2
Hospital Admission 94,201
Cataract Surgeries Performed 5,778
Newborns Treated at NICU 3,077
Patients Treated at Outdoor & Emergency (Million) 1.85
Normal Deliveries Performed 5,291
Cesarean Deliveries Performed 22,201

Working With Women Phase II

Workers Oriented on Gender-Based Violence & Mental Health 3,500
Para-Counselors Trained 15
Mid-Level Managers Trained 158
Workers Who Observed World Mental Health Day 200
Mental Health First Aiders Trained 41
Para-Counseling Sessions Provided by Welfare-Officers 174
Anti-Harassment Committees Formed and Trained 58
Gender Based Violence Campaign100

Malaria Elimination

Population Covered 785,983
Households Covered 169,437
Labs Established 3
Blood Slides Examined 100,511
Blood Slides Found Positive 323
Rapid Diagnostic Tests performed 48,613
Rapid Diagnostic Test Found Positive 205
Long Lasting Insecticide Net (LLIN) Distributed 104,964
Ordinary Nets Treated 32,675
Popular Theatre & Folk Songs Organized 14
Orientations Conducted on Malaria Prevention & Control 55
Orientations Conducted for Village Doctors on Malaria Management 27
Advocacy Workshops Organized 9


Household Covered (HH) 15,000
Population Covered (Beneficiary)65,373
BCC Orientation (Orientation)385
PHC (Services)126391
Maternity (Services)17511
Accidental (Services)3734
Normal Delivery (Services)183
Caesarian Section (Services)385

Nirapotta (Safety Net)

Member Enrolled197,679
Death Claims Settled12342
Cattle Death Claims Settled6
Health Claims Settled78,288
Disaster Claims Settled1,317
Education Scholarships Provided20,619
Scholarship Installments Disbursed (BDT Million)49.77
Legal Services Provided3,755

Rohingya Response

Total Patient Received Primary Health Care43249
Lactating Women and Infants Received PNC Services459
Pregnant Women Received ANC Services1771
Family Planning Services and Counselling10666
Patients Referred for Advanced Medical Care1122
Most Prevalent Case Distribution of Primary Health Care Services3004
Free Medicine Provided to Patients37257

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

School That Received Water Facilities 54
School That Received Sanitation Facilities 54
Communities That Received Water Facilities 7,595
Communities That Received Sanitation Facilities 4,501
Beneficiaries Who Received WASH Coverage 258,668
Training, Campaign and Days Observed in Schools, Communities and Factories 272
Water-Credit Loans Disbursed 21,662
Water-Credit Loan Amount (BDT Million) 1,072
Public/Mobile Toilet Users (Million) 5
Water Connections Legalized 46

Inner Circle

Total no. of Children Availing Services Till Date117
Current no. of Children in Speech & Language Therapy53
Current no. of Children in Occupational Therapy47
Current no. of Children in ABA Program102

Psychological, Health & Wellness Clinic (PHWC)

Clients Reached for Psychological Support2335
Organizations Received Corporate Workshops / Trainings50
NGOs Received Psycho-Social Support (PSS)49
Workshops Conducted for NGOs73
On-Site Counselling Provided1,054

Home and Community Care Ltd.

Total Patient Served 237
Total Caregivers228
Total Number of Training Provided to the Caregivers40