Rubina Jahan: Breaking Gender Stereotypes and Living the Life of Dreams

Being a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant General Manager at for SAJIDA’s Mental Health Program, Rubina Jahan has seen her fair share of discrimination and gender inequality when counselling women. As much as she believes that Gender Equality is all about the freedom to pursue any career, lifestyle choice or path that a woman may want in her life, there are still days she herself is unable to practice her belief.

While Rubina believes that we are slowly progressing towards the greater good as a nation, as a woman, she still finds it a challenge to move and use public transport without fear of sexual and physical harassment, or wear the dresses she loves without being judged, or have her abilities questioned based solely on her gender, among many other day-to-day issues.

Yet, like the million other resilient women of Bangladesh, Rubina Jahan braves the storms and soldiers on with her ideas of a gender equal world. She looks at the world before her through the gender lens, making herself and others around her more aware of the gender stereotypes that are prevalent. Through her line of work and experience in life, she has learned to value and respect everyone equally irrespective of their gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity both in her personal and professional life. Not only has she been a successful changemaker at SAJIDA through her key contribution towards mental health wellbeing, Rubina is also one of the invaluable women leaders who have made a dent in the inequality sphere that surrounds us.

Rubina Jahan
Asst. General Manager, Mental Health Program, SAJIDA Foundation