Response During Flood

In 2020, Bangladesh was tremendously affected because of heavy and long lasting rainfall in the upstream and moreover due to its low-lying deltaic features having network with hundreds of rivers including Padma, Meghan, Brahmaputra which drained to the Bay of Bengal over the country. Almost 50 lac people of north, north-east, central and river coast areas of the country were impacted for long two months, from mid-July to mid-September by flood. For the flood affected people, SAJIDA conducted an immediate survey in the affected community and came forward to response for the severely affected people as a humanitarian and pro-people organization. As part of emergency response, SAJIDA Foundation stand aside for the seriously flood victim people of 15 Upazilas of 7 Districts, under the Disaster Response Program of the organization. From the program, primarily 3695 flood affected MF members (from 26 Branches) received 500 Taka cash grant along with water purifier tablets and ORS. Water purifier tablets and ORS also distributed among the community people beside the MF members. The grant was distributed among the flood victim families of MF program from Pabna, Sirajgong, Manikgong, Dhaka, Munshigong, Madaripur and Sariotpur.

After completion of emergency response, SAJIDA started the long-term rehabilitation program for the flood victim people focusing on the basic lives and livelihood including repairing of houses, tube-well, toilets and providing agricultural support. A total of 650 families of the MF program, under 12 Branches, from 05 Districts, including Dhaka, Manikgong, Munshigong, Shariatpur and Madaripur came rehabilitation program in first phase through the program. The program distributed BDT 3000 in each family among the selected members.  Grant distribution program was held during 07-10 September with support of TNO and different local government bodies. Subsequently around 3000 flood victim people is to be come under rehabilitation program.

In 2020, Bangladesh has not only endured a devastating pandemic but also suffered from a prolonged period of flooding across the country. Over a million lives have been affected; houses washed away, sanitation facilities destroyed and livelihoods severely impacted. SAJIDA Foundation has stood beside the people who have lost so much by providing emergency relief and implementing long term recovery program.

In addition to that, SAJIDA Foundation has been taken initiatives to support the flood victims of Dewangong, Jamalpur and many more areas, with the humanitarian assistance of different individuals in home and abroad, many national and multi-national companies of the world. For this purpose, SAJIDA is welcoming the raises hands and hearts from the different corners of the world. However, close monitoring will be continuing to rehabilitate the vulnerable people up until they enter in a sustainable phase.

Total Target

Recovery/Post Flood Rehabilitation

Emergency Response

Under the Plan of Upcoming Recovery


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