Reaching for New Heights: MOU signed between SAJIDA Foundation and Enroute Center for Development.

On 3 December 2017, a MOU was signed between SAJIDA Foundation and Enroute Centre for Development in order to attain SAJIDA’s new campaign of “Reaching for New Heights”. It is a training service agreement between Enroute and SAJIDA where around 650 staff of SAJIDA will receive training on Managerial And Leadership Skill Development which will be developed and facilitated by Enroute. This training will focus on Leadership Skill, Functional Skill and Values (SAJIDA Foundation) which will be given in 8 levels, 2 days each, for 12 batches and 4 levels of training, 2 days each, for 10 batches.

Since January 2018, 9 batches of training have been completed.