Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC) Hosts Workshop on Understanding and Coping with Anxiety

On July 28, 2018 the PHWC hosted a workshop on anxiety, which was facilitated by trained life coach Samah Kabir. The three-hour workshop helped participants identify their unhelpful core beliefs that holds them back and helped dismantle them with the help of group members. The participants were also encouraged in constructing new beliefs about themselves and the anxiety-provoking situation. A fair amount of time was spent on practicing breathing exercises and present moment awareness together as a whole group. An important “take-home” message was that we cannot completely eliminate anxiety, but with persistence and practice we can find ways to cope with it effectively. Overall, PHWC along with Samah Kabir provided a safe, supportive, and positive environment for those experiencing anxiety and helped the participants to identify and equip them with tools which can assist them in managing anxiety. The workshop ended with people leaving on a positive note and also having made new friends from different age groups.