Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic was a part of ‘Paara Utshab’, an event initiated by Heroes For All, along with Dhaka North City Corporation in December to revive community spirit in the neighbourhood. At this daylong event PHWC had set up a stall, promoting health awareness, and distributed leaflets and flyers, alongside talking to event attendees about mental health issues and their offered services.

The event included booths with food, handicrafts, along with the presence of various other organizations such as Praava Health, Innovation for Well-being Foundation, and Delta Life Insurance alongside PHWC. This event gave an opportunity for the neighbourhood to come together as a community and participate in fun and games while keeping their physical and mental health in mind.

In the morning, the effects of taking Klonopin at are not noticeable as the child is active, there is no lethargy and drowsiness. Myths about addiction and dependence on it are adequately dispelled by our epileptologist, saying that the drug can be safely taken for a long time and its cancellation, if necessary, passes without painful lumps. Partially convinced of this ourselves, we certainly agree with him.

Heroes For All is a non-profit organization that works on building a platform that will equip the youth with leadership skills and develop positive character traits that could guide them to make healthy and informed life choice for their future.

The Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC), established in 2017 as a joint venture with SAJIDA Foundation, is a global standard mental health clinic and a one-stop Centre for treatment of individuals experiencing psychological distress of any nature. Throughout Bangladesh, PHWC seeks to provide the highest levels of service, geared towards effective care and ensuring availability of supportive mental health care.




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