Ensuring Access to WASH by Offering Customized Loan and Software Services supported by Water.org

Water Credit ProjectOne of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is affordable financing. In this situation, SAJIDA Foundation planned to develop and strengthen a WASH loan program in partnership with Water.org to improve access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities of the targeted people. This 3-year project starting from September 2016 allows people in need to access loans for water facilities and improved sanitation system, empowering them to accelerate change in their own homes and communities – enabling a life of health and happiness. The project has been started in 43 branches to reach the target of 12,000 beneficiaries in 3 years.

Major activities under this project include:

  1. Loan disbursement to improve water and sanitation facilities
  2. Technical support to maintain standard quality of hardware facilities
  3. Health and hygiene awareness raising


SAJIDA has introduced separate loan products for installing new as well as repairing existing deep tube wells, and for building or renovating improved sanitation facilities. The water loan includes installation of new deep tube wells, buying water filter, water tank, electric motor, getting water connection and renovating the water facilities. The sanitation loan includes installation of toilet along with hand washing facilities. The renovation of sanitation facilities includes replacement of water seal pit latrine to improved latrine, establishing septic tank, changing of pan and shed of latrine and creating the provisions and place for dumping menstrual rug. The loan amount is vary from BDT 5000 to BDT 300000. Borrowers are encouraged to partially invest for the cost of installing or repairing facilities with their own money. The program has also assigned SAJIDA Bondhus to make members aware of the importance of clean water, hygienic sanitation facilities and hygiene practices. A number of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials have been developed to educate the members.

Project Achievement

Item Achieved to date
Water loans 28
Water beneficiaries 126
Sanitation loans 51
Sanitation beneficiaries 230
Health & Hygiene Awareness 172
Loan Disbursement Amount BDT 1,89,0000