Shifting the power is a UKAID funded initiative that is working with 11 consortium partners using the Strengthening Humanitarian Assessment and Participatory Empowerment (SHAPE) framework to strengthen the capacities and roles of local organizations in emergency response programs so they are able to take their place alongside their international counterparts in creating a more balanced humanitarian system. Christian Aid is leading the consortium in Bangladesh with 11 local partners including SAJIDA Foundation and is working with a unified plan in capacity development and greater leadership in emergency response to have greater recognition, representation and voice in relevant arenas.

Four key changes envisioned by the program include:

  1. Stronger national and local organizations to determine and deliver emergency preparedness and response.
  2. National and local organizations are better represented and have a stronger voice in relevant humanitarian platforms and networks.
  3. The consortium members (INGOs) recognize and respond to national and local organizations.
  4. Provide evidence of good practice in strengthening local organisations’ humanitarian capacities and their role/ influence in humanitarian action.

Prior to becoming a member of this consortium, SAJIDA’s disaster relief initiatives had been self motivated, generated through own resources, local fund-raising from individuals, corporations and the civil society.

Christian Aid, leading the program in Bangladesh has been working with SAJIDA from 1st January 2016 in identifying humanitarian capacity gaps through capacity self-assessment of the latter, which were subsequently addressed by technical and financial support by the former in the execution of various humanitarian capacity training activities in the first two months of 2016. SAJIDA commenced activities with capacity development training of the committee which went on to develop a Humanitarian Strategic Plan outlining actions to be undertaken in the event of a disaster. A Rapid Response Team of 50 members from different programs and working areas was organized so they are able to organize relevant resources to deal with emergencies, utilizing the emergency fund. SAJIDA formed a resource mobilization partnership with MDF Bangladesh in June 2016.