Capacity Building Unit

Since its inception, SAJIDA Foundation has been driven by its belief that capacity building of internal human resources underpins the efficiency and effectiveness of its programs. In this light, SAJIDA’s Capacity Building Unit, with a dedicated team of professional trainers, seeks to support each program efficiently, through the intensification of the quality of all training services.

SAJIDA’s Capacity Building Unit strategizes two training courses that are mandatory for all newly recruited staff: Organizational Orientation and Basic Course. The Organizational Orientation course provides a wider understanding of the vision, missions, cultures, values, goals and objectives of SAJIDA’s different programs and their relevance, work environment and human resource policies. The Basic Course provides a broader view of the specific job to be performed with regards to each program, in addition to the program’s operational strategies, necessary hands-on skills to perform the given job and process of ensuring accountability. Apart from these two training courses, customized on-the-job- need-based trainings are organized frequently for staff of different programs. Various trainings are also organized for members at the field level to raise awareness about their rights and entitlements, organizational development, entrepreneurship skill development and ways of connecting with SAJIDA’s vision and mission. Thus, all trainings are planned and executed, need-based, learner centered, experiential and flexible to yield the best outcome.

SAJIDA offers at least two training courses every year for its staff. Accordingly, software is developed by which the participants list is generated which, in turn, is based on the specific course designed for them. Trainings for the existing staff are also organized. Keeping in mind that mid level managers are instrumental to ensuring the quality of the program and upholding the organizational image, training on Performance Management is also organized for mid level managers of SAJIDA Foundation.

The Capacity Building Unit also organizes specially required training courses on Motivation and Communication, Effective behavior Analysis and Control.

Participation in external training

Members of SAJIDA Foundation also participate in several training and workshop programs offered and organized by other organizations, e.g. BRAC Bank, InM, INAFI-BD, and PKSF as well as Diploma Course on Microfinance at the Institute of Inclusive Finance and Development (InM).

Quality Improvements in Training

The Capacity Building Unit undertook planned efforts to review and upgrade the training modules and educational materials in order to make the training pragmatic. A needs assessment was conducted for training using semi-structured questionnaires and through focus group discussions. The comments of participants and their supervisors were also taken as part of training needs assessment.

Future plan of Capacity Building Unit

In the future, an extended trainer’s pool will be developed from the best performers of various levels of staff of microfinance program in order to engage them to train the fellow microfinance staff. Planned efforts will be undertaken to groom the newly recruited managerial staff for microfinance operations and support departments as part of talent management. A three-months training will be given to them following a mixed methodology process to groom and orient them about operations along with necessary soft skills. In this regard, the training modules and materials will be updated and upgraded by assigning specific staff.