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Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, SAJIDA Narayanganj hospital has been converted into COVID isolation and treatment center. Under a MoU signed with Director General of Health Services (DGHS) of Government of Bangladesh, the hospital was converted into COVID-19 Hospital on 21 March 2020.  Since then the hospital is providing free of cost services (including medication, food and ambulance) to COVID-19 patients.

Our modern, multidisciplinary secondary care hospitals in Keraniganj and Narayanganj strive to make quality medical health care inclusive and affordable for all income groups.

Visit SAJIDA Keraniganj Hospital

SAJIDA operates a multidisciplinary secondary care hospital – one in Keraniganj with 100 beds, providing comprehensive health care and 24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency Hotline: 01777772500

Address: Chhatgaon, Zinzira, Keraniganj, Dhaka- 1310

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Visit SAJIDA COVID isolation and treatment center

SAJIDA Narayanganj hospital has been converted into COVID isolation and treatment center. Since 21st March 2020 the hospital is providing free of cost services (including medication, food and ambulance) to COVID-19 patients.

Emergency Hotline: +8801777772570

Address: Shimrail (adjacent to Kanchpur bridge), Shiddhirganj, Narayanganj

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We focused our health interventions particularly on the provision of hospital-based clinical care due to the fact that a vast majority of people in Bangladesh face barriers to accessing quality hospital-based care, resulting in thousands of deaths every year from preventable causes.

Over the course of a decade, our hospitals have emerged as an innovative model of sustainable health service delivery for low-middle-income groups, delivering a full spectrum of in-patient, out-patient, emergency, surgical, diagnostic, lab and pathology and other specialist care under one roof and through expert medical professionals, skilled nurses/paramedics and technologists..

Hospital Admissions
Newborns Treated at NICU

24 Hours Emergency & Pharmacy



Obstetrics & Gynaecology

OPD & Special Consultation



Eye Care



Blood bank

X-ray and USG


Out-Patient Services

The outdoor consultation service is provided by the specialists of major disciplines like Medicine, Surgery, Gynea/Obs, Child care, Neonatal Intensive Care, ENT, Eye, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Skin, Venereal Diseases, Dental care along with the general duty physicians. Distribution of contraceptives with counseling and immunization (EPI) services have also been introduced in the hospital outdoor services. Outdoor services are provided 13 hours a day and 7 days a week. Patients are guided to the reception from the entrance to register and directed to the appropriate doctor’s consultation. Consultant schedules and diagnostic services along with fees are displayed in prominent positions within and outside the hospital for the patients to gain clear idea and access to appropriate healthcare services. The hospitals have 24 hours emergency department attended by experienced medical officers and a pharmacy is also open for 24 hours. Besides, diagnostic lab, X-ray and ambulance services are also available for 24 hours.

In-Patient Services

Indoor patients requiring hospitalization are admitted for indoor services for all available specialist care. Admitted patients are provided with the option of general beds, air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned cabins. The Keraniganj hospital has 65 general beds, 10 air-conditioned cabins and 9 non air-conditioned cabins while Narayanganj hospital constitutes 40 general beds and 5 air-conditioned cabins and 5 non air-conditioned cabins. Both hospitals have fully equipped operation theatres where different operations like general surgery, orthopedic surgery, Gynea/obstetrical operations, Eye/ENT surgeries etc. as well as emergency operations are performed. These operation theatres are equipped with modern instruments and equipment and staffed by qualified surgeon, anesthetist, nurses and other support staff. For normal deliveries the hospitals are equipped with labour rooms and well experienced midwives and nurses to facilitate in-house deliveries of the patients. The hospitals manages a strong protocol is serving the patients where nurse/paramedics, medical officers, resident surgeon oversee all the patients during their stay through timely visits and regular rounds.

Diagnostic Facilities

Qualified specialist doctors and medical technologists provide diagnostic services at SAJIDA Hospitals, using modern diagnostic facilities that include pathology, bio-chemistry, micro-biological services, Blood Bank, ultrasonography, digital X-Ray and other services. For quality assurance, technologist are supervised and monitored by Senior Consultants who check services as well as accuracy of reports. Besides, cross-checking of tests are performed on sample basis in other standard diagnostic laboratories routinely.

Ensuring Quality Care

One of the main objectives of the SAJIDA hospitals is to provide quality care and a high quality services to all its patients at affordable costs with ensuring the best clinical environment and patient friendliness. To this end the hospital prioritizes maintaining a clean and hygienic hospital environment, communication of doctors and nurses with patients, infection prevention and control, pre-cautionary measures of operation theatres, quality of laboratory tests, proper and timely referral and reduction in waiting times and standard waste disposal procedure. The quality of services of medical officers, nurses, paramedics, technologists, receptionists and other management/support staff is maintained and enhanced through hands-on and formal training sessions conducted by the consultants and trainers of SAJIDA hospitals, trainers of SAJIDA Foundation and outsource expert trainers from home and abroad. A process of continuous discussion culture on various issues is introduced engaging expert national and international consultants to mitigate the limitations and the shortcomings that the service providers face in carrying out their duties with utmost care and patience.

Hospital Price Package

In an effort to minimize any confusion or obstacles faced by patients regarding information on costs and fees, SAJIDA hospitals display rate charts and fees of hospital services at major locations as well as at the reception area. For the patient’s further convenience, open package deals are offered for different operations that include pre-operative, operative and post-operative costs, medication and bed rent that are free from any kind of hidden charge. These packages are offered at a very competitive rate to increase the chances of patients availing the deals. SAJIDA has also introduced “health cards” at Taka 150 with maturity of one year to enable individuals to enjoy discounts on different hospital services and the percentage of discount of each service is also detailed out in the chart. This particularly benefits disadvantaged groups who face financial limitations in accessing hospital services.


Our Institute of Health Sciences develops competent, compassionate and qualified health care professionals to contribute to a healthy and happy nation. Our distinct approach provides students depth of knowledge and practical training with special focus on values. Students gain clinical experience through our hospitals and apply their learning towards their own careers as well as the wellbeing of society at large.

With this in mind, the IHS is committed to providing the highest standards of education and training in emerging health and nutrition issues in Bangladesh. SAJIDA Foundation’s IHS seeks to bridge the gap in the health care sector in Bangladesh by training and offering the paramedic courses to keep up a pace in availability of quality, ethical and empathetic health care providers. In fact, the Institute aims to improve and bring about a promising change to the health service delivery system in order to accelerate progress toward achieving SDGs 3, 4 and 8. IHS courses are designed carefully to give students the practical skills to maximize their future revenue streams and help their clients make real, useful changes to their health.

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UBL has provided SAJIDA Foundation with 2,200 Dove Care kits for the frontline health workers at Narayanganj and Keraniganj, and...


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