We improve access to and utilization of a free
essential services package of quality primary
health care nutrition and population services
by the extreme poor.

Under the program, the primary health and nutrition services will be provided to the marginalized population of the urban areas
through health care card and other development related activities, including providing training in relevant institutions.

Bangladesh’s first smart health card has over 66,000 beneficiaries and covers 15,000 households throughout Chandpur & Feni District

Due to the scarcity of dedicated primary healthcare facilities in urban areas, Promoting Sustainable Health and nutrition Opportunities for Marginalized urban extreme poor population (PROSHOMON) SMART HEALTH CARDS was designed to increase the access of comprehensive and quality health and nutrition services through panel of private/NGO hospitals.

Using our smart health cards our beneficiaries will be able to get 

Antenatal Care

Emergency Hospital Care Due to Causality and Accidents

Primary Eye Health Care

Post Abortion Care

Neonatal Care


Normal Delivery

Doctor Consultation


Household Covered (HH) 15,000
Population Covered (Beneficiary)65,373
BCC Orientation (Orientation)385
PHC (Services)135877
Maternity (Services)20853
Accidental (Services)4480
Normal Delivery (Services)206
Caesarian Section (Services)451