Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic

The Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC), established in 2017 in partnership with, SAJIDA Foundation, is a global standard mental health clinic and a one-stop Centre for treatment of individuals experiencing psychological distress of any nature.

Throughout Bangladesh, PHWC seeks to provide the highest levels of service, geared towards effective care and ensuring availability of supportive mental health care so that the best resources and knowledge can help the community understand the values of effective mental health treatment and provide everyone the individual level of attention they deserve. The team is supervised by Lead Psychiatrist and Managing Director, Dr Ashique Selim, and Lead Counsellor Nissim Jan Sajid.

The PHWC was established in 2018 by SAJIDA in collaboration with internationally experienced and reputed psychiatrist Dr Ashique Selim and Psychological Counselor, Ms Nissim Jan Sajid.

PHWC is a one-stop place for your psychological health and wellness needs.

We aim to provide the highest levels of care ranging from psychiatric assessment and psychological counselling/therapy to lifestyle modification through group wellness activities. Our Team of qualified professional staff have multicultural clinical experience and carry a high regard for client ethics, evidenced-based practice as well as continuous professional development. As such, all our patrons can expect to be greeted, seen, accepted and managed in a safe and non-judgemental manner. We believe that wellness is more than the absence of disease; it is a state of optimal well-being. It goes beyond the curing of physical illness to achieving health. Therefore, our services are designed to provide our clients an integrated solution for their mind, body, and lifestyle to enhance their lives and resolve issues.

PHWC’s COVID Response Activities

In response to the COVID-19 crisis PHWC has independently and through joint ventures participated in various pandemic response project.

Online Counselling Session

Online Counselling Session

Since lockdown in March 26th, PHWC has started and is continuing to provide psychological support using web based mediums. The number of referrals since have exponentially increased since the crisis began. On average the PHWC has been receiving over 40 calls and 6 to 7 new referrals a day.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

PHWC has signed on 8 new organizations, corporates and NGOs, to provide Employee Assistance Program. Employees of the companies are able to get 24-hour telecounselling services. The program also includes various training and workshops, which since lockdown have been webinars.

Moner Jotno

Moner Jotno

PHWC along with Kaan Pete Roi and BRAC has launched a hotline number as a COVID-19 response initiative. Counsellors from all three entities answer calls on rotation from 8am to 12am. PHWC counsellors also provided clinical supervision to the counsellors from BRAC.

Webinars and Facebook live sessions

Webinars and Facebook live sessions

Clinicians from PHWC has participated in various FaceBook live sessions with academic institutions, like Daffodil University, to organizations, like JCI North: surviving lockdown, adolescent, Dhaka Tribune: violence against women, Ek Nirjhar with Samir Obaid: Drugs and Addiction, and Titli: Eid celebration during pandemic. Webinars topics covered Working from Home, Living Healthy during COVID-19, Mind Matters, Women’s mental health in lockdown and Trauma and coping methods for organizations like Metlife, Urmi Group, Goethe Institute, Plan International and TDH.


3rd Floor, Caldwell Centre, House 54, Rd No. 11, Block C, Banani, Dhaka 1213
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Weekdays: Sunday-Thursday
Phone – +8801777-772764
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