In response to the acute Health Human Resources (HHR) crisis in Bangladesh, SAJIDA Foundation’s Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) was established in line with the vision of the Foundation to develop the capacity of health workforce for a Healthy and Happy Nation. The IHS started its journey in September 2011 in the premise of its Hospital in Keraniganj, Dhaka with the aim to produce competent, compassionate and responsive service providers/health workers, and effective communicators who meet the health needs of the people as well as cater to the demand of SAJIDA Foundation’s two existing and future hospitals.


With this in mind, the IHS is committed to providing the highest standards of education and training in emerging health and nutrition issues in Bangladesh. SAJIDA Foundation’s IHS seeks to bridge the gap in the health care sector in Bangladesh by training and offering the paramedic courses to keep up a pace in availability of quality, ethical and empathetic health care providers. In fact, the Institute aims to improve and bring about a promising change to the health service delivery system in order to accelerate progress toward achieving SDGs 3, 4 and 8. IHS courses are designed carefully to give students the practical skills to maximize their future revenue streams and help their clients make real, useful changes to their health.


Nurses and paramedics play a significant role to ensure patient friendly and effective clinical care in the health sector. As in many other developing countries, Bangladesh suffers from an acute shortage of quality and qualified diploma nurses and crisis of such professionals is more pronounced in the private sector. Only a few diploma nurses graduating are eventually absorbed by the public sector creating a huge vacuum in the private sector health care delivery.


“Task shifting” of primary care functions from professional workers to para-professional workers (e.g. paramedics, technicians and community health workers) is a cost-effective strategy for accelerating progress toward achieving sustainable development in the health sector. Nearly five years since it was first established, SAJIDA’s Institute of Health Sciences has now grown both academically and administratively in offering wide range of training programs across all major areas of  clinical and public health. Our full-time and part-time learning courses combine both traditional and research based realistic methods of dealing with a contemporary perspective of health and wellbeing through empathetic and responsive approach of providing patient-centric care.

Major Activities (July 2016-June 2017)

Community Paramedics Course

The Institute of Health Sciences started a two-year Community Paramedic Course approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and accredited by Bangladesh Nursing Council. The Bangladesh Nursing Council organizes and supervises the graduation examination for this course. The Institute plans to enroll 20 students in one batch every year.


Training of SAJIDA Bondhus

The Institute also conducts training for community wellness workers (called SAJIDA Bondhu) of SAJIDA Foundation’s community wellness program. Two types of training are provided including 14 days basic training and 3 days refresher training.


Training of Basic Care-givers for Homecare Project

The IHS provides training to basic care givers of SAJIDA’s Homecare Project which was undertaken to provide care for senior citizens. To ensure professional support for the elderly or ailing members including those who are bedridden, these care-givers are now ready to extend health care assistance in home settings.


Awareness Sessions on Health Issues

The Institute of Health Sciences also provides technical support to SAJIDA’s program on Improving and Promoting Access to Safe water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IMPACT) and the Adhunika Women’s Center through conducting awareness sessions on different health issues concerning women.


International Training Course on High Risk Labour and Delivery Management

In collaboration with Canada-based development organization “Team Broken Earth”, the IHS organizes an international training program which is facilitated by a group of renowned Canadian physicians, nurses, midwives and obstetricians. The course gives health practitioners in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the latest best practices in health care.


Sajida Bandhu Training (Basic) 314
Sajida Bandhu Refreshers Training 260
IHS Paramedics Training 64
Awareness Training org. by Adhunica 1,548
Dental Training for SB 63
Community Paramedic 84
PKSF Paramedic Training 251
Awareness Training org. by Impact 231
BBF Training for Community Paramedic 26
PHC Training for Paramedics of Jamalpur 60