Community Climate Change Project (CCCP)

Global climate change has severely impacted Bangladesh. Rising sea levels, combined with an increase in the occurrence of cyclones, floods, and droughts, threatens the lives and livelihoods of the country’s largely agrarian population. Therefore, it is critical that the country adapts to changing weather patterns and implements measures which will buffer seasonal fluctuations.

As of August 2014, SAJIDA Foundation, in partnership with Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and the World Bank, established a Community Climate Change Project (CCCP). The project is being implemented in Chinadulli and Noarpara unions, located in the Islampur sub-district of Jamalpur. Islampur is affected by frequent floods and river erosion caused by fluxes in the rivers Jamuna and Brahmaputra. The project aims to fortify adaptive capacities and the resilience of populations in the area. In doing so, CCCP anticipates that its adherents will possess enhanced aptitudes to cope with the effects of climate change.

The project works to ease access to safe drinking water and propagate the need for sanitation and safe water practices. Interventions include disseminating information on these issues and locally installing deep tube wells and sanitary latrines. The project also undertakes work to elevate courtyards and homesteads to minimize damage to homes during floods. CCCP is implemented in coordination with Union Parishad and sub-district administrations.